In late autumn of 2030, the president has asked his most trusted protectorate, Secret Service Agent Heath Bishop, to orchestrate and oversee the challenging and clandestine mission of eliminating four specifically sanctioned targets. Understanding that someone must be recruited who would have both the potential incentive and raw skill set to attempt the daunting task, Heath turns to a past adversary who had flipped her allegiance to become a somewhat trusted ally.


Former Navy Lieutenant Kristin Royce, who was ordered to kill Agent Bishop during her darker days of perpetrating various acts of espionage and treason for an external organization, would become that recruit. As a result of her assistance in bringing members of that organization to justice, what would have been a death sentence for her had been reduced to a twenty-year stint in federal prison with a fictitious identity to protect her from potential retribution.


Rescued from that lengthy plight by Agent Bishop, Kristen agrees to carry out the mission specifications with the guarantee that at its conclusion she will have complete freedom via her total exoneration from any previous or yet to occur transgressions. Although she will never know who is ultimately responsible for sanctioning the death of her four respective targets, Kristen, under her new identity as Madison Sinclare, realizes an opportunity exists. The time she and Heath will have together throughout the mission quest could provide them with the means to explore and rekindle previous feelings of affection toward one another that had spared his life. 


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