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They thought they were untouchable…


As a result of the United States fracturing during his administration, and the lone star Republic of Texas rising, chances for reelection in 2028 are precarious for President Jordan Harwell. As he attempts to regain the confidence of the nation, aid comes from Agent Heath Bishop of the Secret Service who dutifully fights all odds and continues on his lengthy quest. He must, with help from few others, solve an elaborate puzzle in the hope of identifying those responsible for the terrorist attacks of November 2026 upon America.


Through a series of astute measures in 2027, the Independent Republic of Texas has been able to rise within a year of its long-awaited rebirth to a position of lofty status upon the global stage. In the collective belief that they are nearly untouchable, Samuel Tillman and various operatives of his organization maintain a grip of power within Texas by continued use of covert maneuvers. 


None within the Tillman organization are aware that they may experience additional difficulties due to an enemy within which could surface from alarming sources to create unforeseen threats.

ISBN: 978-1-947727-56-4  Pages 329

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