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When President Harwell entrusts Secret Service Agent Heath Bishop with a covert mission to ensure his legacy and protect his reputation, loyal Heath agrees to protect him at all costs—as long as he can do it his way. He’ll need the aid of another, one who must not know of the president’s involvement, so Heath turns to someone from his past: Kristen Royce.


Former Navy Lieutenant Kristen Royce is alive and well, serving a prison sentence after playing a pivotal role in helping Heath topple a treacherous organization. Although guilty for treason, she’s been granted a partial pardon and is serving twenty years under a false identity. Heath isn’t sure he can trust her, but she’s his only option.


When Heath offers her a chance at freedom in exchange for carrying out four sanctioned kills, she agrees. But the opportunity comes at a high cost. Not only must she complete her mission alongside Heath, she must carry it out exactly as planned before time runs out, while navigating her rocky and complicated past with Heath.


As they follow their targets around the globe, will they be successful in eliminating them, or will they both end up paying the ultimate price?  

ISBN: 978-1-64397-167-4  Pages 332

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