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Raised in the suburbs of Southern California, Kurt Winans spent his early years listening to vivid stories about his parents and older brothers traveling adventures. Kurt was lucky enough to enjoy his summer and winter vacations throughout those childhood years at what would become his future home of Lake Tahoe, Nevada. He loved the great outdoors, as the family would explore the surrounding mountains and lakes during the summer, while taking to the ski slopes during the winter. Ever since his earliest days, Kurt loved exploring new places and listening to good story telling.

Within the course of his high school years Kurt wrote for the school newspaper, and then began his university experience as a journalism major. After eighteen months along that path, Kurt took a semester off for an opportunity to backpack throughout Europe as many in his current age group had done. The multiple cultures, history, art, and languages throughout the continent made a lasting impression on him, and fueled his desire to explore even more of what was out there. Kurt subsequently left university life behind, and began a few different careers that enabled him to live in and explore various regions of the United States. Unable to escape the allure of his writing or storytelling, Kurt quickly began to develop journals of his adventures. Those scribbling's provided him with an excellent foundation for future reference, and once Kurt began writing them, he never stopped.  

During his employment tour of America, Kurt met his future wife Cathy. He introduced her to places around North America that she had only read about, and the travel bug set in with her as well. After Kurt eventually returned to the same university of a distant yesteryear to earn a degree of personal gratification, he and Cathy began to travel again. She encouraged Kurt to pursue his passion, and put some of his, and their, past traveling adventures into book form. Following what seemed to be a natural course of action, Kurt took her advice and developed a book of short stories with a common thread. Not wanting to stop there, Kurt began to broaden his scope into a new genre. He has since released a trilogy of an ongoing science fiction saga that could span several more novels. Additionally Kurt has entered into another genre, that of political action thrillers, with his latest work of THE ENEMY WITHIN being the final volume of a separate trilogy. Sprinkled with humor and lacking excessive foul language, each of Kurt's books are suitable for most all ages while taking the reader on an adventurous journey.
Author Kurt Winans
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